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SOS Rejuvinating Set

SOS System

Younger-looking skin is just five days away.


SOS System Overview:


Your skin is reminding you it's time to make a change. Decide today to look younger in 5 days with B SOS. Designed to act as an emergency skin corrector to reverse skin aging, this system is proven to refine texture, even skin tone, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles for an overall youthful appearance.


Whether you experience breakouts now or have in the past, you may find your skin doesn't look as healthy or vibrant as before. SOS  System is an effective treatment system designed to help clear the blemishes you have now, fade the signs of past breakouts, and, most importantly, keep your skin clear and vibrant for the future.


System Contents:

  • SOS Bar Soap - 135 grams

  • SOS Rescue Toner - 60ML

  • UV Block Hydrator - 10 grams

  • Intense Rescue Night Cream - 10 grams

B. SOS System Complete Routine


SOS System - Morning Regimen


STEP 1: SOS Bar Soap

STEP 2: SOS Daily Rescue Toner

STEP 3: UV Block Hydrator


SOS System - Evening Regimen


STEP 1: SOS Bar Soap 

STEP 2: SOS Daily Rescue Toner

STEP 3: Intense Rescue Night Cream

SOS Rejuvinating Set


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